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All Prices Follow the Psychologist Association of Alberta Recommended Fee Schedule

New Client Consultation (Phone)

No Cost

Contact me to schedule a 15 minute phone consult before you make any commitments.

Smart Phone Call

Individual Counselling Session


Sessions are offered in-person, virtually, or by phone. 

You can text, call, or email me to schedule your first session or to ask about availability.

Existing clients have access to online booking for subsequent sessions.

Therapy session

Group Therapy


I facilitate groups on an as-needed basis. If you are interested in attending a group, please inquire via text, call, or email. Groups I might offer include CBT skills for general mental health, anxiety management, affect regulation training, stress management, mindfulness skills training, and yoga for peace of mind.

Support group

If you require evening or weekend sessions please contact me directly to book. Availability of such appointments are limited and will only be offered to people who cannot meet otherwise.

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